Thursday, June 28, 2012


     Welcome to my blog!

     To start off, let's get who I am out of the way. My name is Philip Rader. I am currently a student studying to become an Electronics Engineer and a Mathematics Teacher. I have been programming since I was 10, and successfully made my first Xbox 360 game when I was 12. I enjoy school, and I really dislike school breaks. My favorite programming language is Java (I would like C# better, though, if it ran on more than just Microsoft products. Yes, I know about Xamarin, but I don't like paying thousands of dollars for something that I could just use Java for instead. For free).

     My blog will have postings about some awesome discoveries I find along the way to graduation. Sometimes tutorials, sometimes rants, sometimes a post about something I have on my mind. Whatever it may be, it will be amazing. You can count on that.

~ Philip Rader